Alpharetta home struck by lightning

When choosing your preferred roofing material, most homeowners tend not to think of how it will perform in the worst-case scenario. Most of us worry about the cost, the looks, and the durability of the roofing material. Few of us consider the repercussion of emergency situations, though, like what would happen if our house got struck by lightning.

A severe thunderstorm hit Alpharetta on the 30th of July, where it downed several trees and power lines. As it moved through Alpharetta, lightning struck a home, igniting the roof. Luckily firefighters were on the scene and were able to extinguish the fire before anyone got hurt. 

As these severe storms become more commonplace in a warmer world, it’s important to consider whether your roof can stand up to the elements. You also have to consider whether your roof is fire-resistant in the event that it does get struck by lightning. So, what roofing materials are resilient enough to handle such inclement weather?



You may think a metal roof is the worst material to withstand an electrical storm, but the substance doesn’t attract lightning more than any other. On the contrary, metal offers many advantages to Alpharetta homeowners. It’s durable enough to resist rain and hail and is entirely fireproof in the event your home is hit by lightning. 

Metal is also energy-efficient, which makes it a great choice to reduce your heating bill during the scorching Georgia summers. Metal roofs reflect heat by redirecting the sun’s rays away from the house without absorbing any heat. It prevents the sun from warming your attic space.



Slate is excellent all-round roofing material. It’s very durable, and when properly installed, can last for up to seventy-five years. It’s weatherproof and can handle anything Mother Nature throws at it, including lightning and hail. Slate is also fireproof and insect-resistant, making it the perfect hassle-free roofing choice. 

There are some drawbacks to slate, including the considerable weight, the difficult installation, the extensive maintenance, and the cost. If you’re willing to put in the effort, though, you’ll appreciate your slate roof for years to come.


Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles provide an excellent balance between durability and affordability. They’re able to resist most weather conditions, including wind and hail, and are fireproof as well. Asphalt tiles are also incredibly versatile, and with a little bit of care can last for up to twenty years before they need to be replaced. 



Storms are a part of life in Georgia, so it’s essential to choose a roofing material that can protect your home no matter the weather conditions. A homeowner shouldn’t have to worry about the roof catching fire when its hit by lightning, or whether you’ll need to replace entire sections after a particularly heavy storm. By choosing the right roofing materials, and using our trusted professionals to install it correctly, you can ensure that your home is protected even during the worst storms.

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